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  1. Very cool, there's a dealer out in that area I believe. They go by the name detailgiant on instagram and they've got solid deals.
  2. Welcome Brian I'm from Queens what part of LI you from
  3. I was going to say the exact same thing...
  4. I AM NOT A PRO DETAILER, I DONT EVEN DETAIL FOR PROFIT:\ My 2 cents is this, depending on where you see your clientele trending, I would go that direction. If your clients are bringing you higher end cars for detailing, maybe it's worth going into PPF, if not perhaps wait it out til you build a bigger clientele and then proceed. Not that all cars that get PPF are high end but most regular car owners probably won't go more than a clear bra to the front end. If your clients are bringing you high end luxury cars every day then perhaps it's worth looking into expanding your service offer
  5. What if steam is not an option, as this person is in a different state, IDK what detailers in the area are proficient
  6. Hey guys, so someone I know messaged me today asking how to remove pen marks from the inside of a mini-vans leather door panels. While I do have leather and interior cleaner, I don't have leather in my car, so I don't know if it would work, does anyone have any experience removing pen marks from leather. I initially suggested Leather and Interior Cleaner or APC but then reneged on the APC as it might dry the leather out...any help
  7. Much respect to Adam on the humility, what a great guy, one of the main reasons I'll always love this company
  8. No cost? That's definitely very interesting EDIT: Also mad props for that it sounds very cool; that's probably how all the big clinics started
  9. FEel better Bob, praying for a speedy recovery. Especially since thank God the weather is changing
  10. I thought there was some orange peel then I realized I was looking at the diamond plate...This is literally goals...Great job
  11. interior detail spray is good, I usually do H2OGG and then if I want to put wax on after a wash, other than that unfortunately my shine skills aren't great
  12. The only issue is that clay barring can sometimes lead to marring so I would just take a look around and double check. In terms of the protection layering is a great idea. Although I have heard some layering procedures aren't great
  13. I had a problem with my nozzle not releasing back to the original position and when I contacted my Adam's dealer he got it changed out easily
  14. can you try the odor neutralizer bag?
  15. Welcome to the forums. Sorry about all the money you'll be spending, especially living in the same state as Adam's HQ
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