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  1. Moderator, you can cancel the posts. All set with the pads.TY
  2. Your only 8 hours from me. Drive over, leave your car, go have some dinner, and it will be ready when you return !
  3. Thanks for the comments ! Not to shabby for a 13 year old truck getting ready to turn 112 K on the odometer. Truck has zero rust, interior is mint as well, very hard to find so its a keeper !
  4. As the topic states, back in December I wanted to try out the new Graphene ceramic coating on my 2008 F150 Harley Davidson truck. The truck was coated the previous spring with Adams ceramic spray coating and lasted easily throughout the summer with regular washes and the normal upkeep. It stays outside all the time and being a 13 year old truck I wanted to put a coat of longer lasting protection on it. Strip washed, reclayed, 2 step paint correction and coating prep to remove any minor scratches and any old coating. After the normal prep work it was time to ceramic coat it. I found that going
  5. Thanks so much for the pad and poster !!! Poster is very cool, I collect Mustang posters and will fitĀ in perfect !

  6. Actually looking for the newer orange pads as well.
  7. Nice. Will cover shipping cost. TY
  8. YUP ! 6.5 inch? How many do you have, or want to part with ? Trades or purchase, let me know.
  9. Does anyone have any of the Adams 6.5 inch waffle style orange correcting pads ? These were to be used with Adams orange correcting polish. Looking for purchase or trade. Let me know. TY
  10. Wont be changing my car care product line either. Best products I have ever used. It is just odd to have the two products so different, and IMHO, not relative to each other on the Adams website. Looking at the Recochem Co., I can see where this will lead to. Being a chemical company, it will lead Adams into different products like washer fluid, etc etc, expanding the Adams brand name. Understandable. Just want the Adams brand to stick to being the best car care product out there, not having Adam around has definitely changed things as can been seen in the diversity and expansion of products. T
  11. Understandable. Many companies combine operations, and carry different products, doesn't mean it needs to be under the same umbrella, is what I meant in my post
  12. I was wondering where the idea to carry oil, tranny fluid, came from, or more important, why? Being a huge fan of Adams products for many many years now, why this direction for the company. I know everyone needs to diversify. I remember when Adams hangers, socks, mugs etc came out, but was wondering when the Adams Shaving Kit, tooth brush and tooth paste set, office supplies, microwave oven, will be coming out ? I prefer a 16 oz bottle of convertible top cleaner, chrome polish or other detailing products that you don't have which I have to buy elsewhere, to oil for my car. I prefer Amasoil if
  13. I absolutely love the new Graphene products. Did my 08 Harley truck with the Graphene Coating and it looks amazing !! 13 year old black paint that sits outside 24/7 and could not be happier. The water droplets are small and blows off the paint like nothing before. It was previously done with Adams Ceramic coating spray which looked awesome as well, and lasted well over a year with normal maintenance, Graphene just kicked it up to another level. Coating was easy to do, just very tedious as I wanted it to come out perfect, so not for a novice detailer, UV light helped a lot !!
  14. I got this. For whatever reason when I spoke with Adams they said "we are not having any issues we know of"
  15. Do you mean these ? I have some as well, they are "Untamed Towels" I believe.
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