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  1. I would be interested in the detail sprays. What do you want to trade for them ?
  2. Interesting to hear all the problems coating a car. PREP WORK, its all in the prep work and taking time to do it ! To much coating on the applicator will leave a high spot on the last stroke of your applicator, I go over it 3 times, once across, once up and down, one more time across again, smooths out all of the coating. Do small areas, slow down, no way to have high spots if you check your work before moving on to the next spot (2x2 at the most )-not panel-small areas at a time ! Use the UV light to see where you stopped, or missed. I find it very easy to use if you take your time. Bring your car to me and I'll do it for you !! LOL
  3. Plastic razor, your finger tips, Detail spray etc, and a lot of bad words, but it will come off !
  4. You mean this scratched up old beater ?! LOL
  5. FOR STARTERS. Pictured is my FIRST TIME ceramic coating a vehicle. My 2008 Harley Truck. I'll take the other side of all the "helping" advice given to you by people way more professional in their craft than yourself. First and foremost, with only 3 messages on the forum, you come off pretty harsh ! Maybe you should find out how we can help instead of talking s**t. I am sure you are mad but TAKE MY ADVICE it can be taken care of. Did you strip wash your vehicle, clay EVERYTHING including windows, 2 step paint correction? Ceramic prep wipe down should only take one wipe down if done correctly. You have to take your time doing all the prep work and even longer applying the coating. My guess, you worked to fast, just by looking at the high spot you left on your quarter panel, you should have caught that, fixed it, and then moved on. Bad towels, my guess, is the next issue. What are they and where are they from ? Streaks everywhere as mentioned? That means you worked to fast, or your towels (hoped you used suede towels) are not picking up all the ceramic, thats where streaks come from. Have you ever ceramic coated anything before? How many cars have you buffed with a high quality machine? Answer all the questions asked above, so we can help instead of coming off as a ....! Another hint, TAKE MY ADVICE, don't ever let a car dealer detail your car !! Seriously, that's where bad detailing advice starts. Worse case, buff it all off and start from scratch.
  6. You wont burn through that with a Porter cable. Does it feel rough or not as smooth as the paint around it?
  7. If you dont have anything else as mentioned above, Isopropyl Alcohol works awesome. Pour small amount on a microfiber towel, let it sit on the sap for 10/15 seconds, wipe carefully
  8. You will always get more foam out of a gas pressure washer than an electric one for sure. I have both and if you want to thicken up your foam, use Adams Mega Foam or run hot water into your pressure washer, that will definitely work. I had my plumber run a hot and cold line out to my garage and I have hot and cold water all year long !
  9. Keep playing with it till you fine tune it to your liking. Filling the container with hot water will help thicken up the foam as well.
  10. Good advice for those of us who don't use ceramic as the main protection and shine. Both of my show cars get Patriot/Brilliant Glaze but my 2 trucks which are outside 24/7 get ceramic soap and detail spray, Adams of course. Also try Slick and Slide. It's just like using ceramic products, if don't use ceramic as mentioned, as your main product.
  11. The best 1-2 punch in the business ! I've also tried the new compounds and nothing like the other 2.
  12. If he doesn't take them I will. Postage paid, trade. up to you...
  13. First, welcome. Second, start slow, and some advice, start on the white vehicle first. "Play" with that one first. Get used to what your doing before you touch the black Tesla. Black is not very forgiving and a mistake with the machine and you'll be chasing swirls for a while. Do a very small test area on the van first, get used to using Adams stuff as well. If you have never used a polisher be careful. Most don't just pick one and go to town on paint. It takes some getting used to but when you get good at it, there is not much more satisfying than a newly buffed vehicle ! And when you get really good, you'll get these type of results. Enjoy your new Adams stuff and welcome again !
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