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  1. Been a customer since 2005 and still love the products to this day. I am curious how much Adam is still involved in the company, if at all? It is still called Adam's Polishes, afterall, and without getting too nostalgic or political, supporting Adam is what always made supporting the brand so rewarding at the end of the day. I'm just wondering who we're still supporting these days. Thanks and happy detailing!
  2. I guess I'm out of the loop. I didn't know about any of the acquisitions or the new business structure for that matter. Do we know who the CEO is, or am I THAT far out of the loop? I appreciate Adam replying. It was refreshing to get a candid reply that served both as a reminder of how nice it was when Adam would regularly post, but also to reaffirm some of my suspicions about the company and it's current trajectory. One suggestion, though. Despite putting family first, which NO ONE should ever scoff at, it should be pretty easy to set aside 15 minutes a week to make an appearance on the forum, especially if you're spending that much time in the air every week. I guess the new under 30 demographic isn't as big a part of the forum as those of us who have been with the company since the beginning, though.
  3. I've been using Adam's stuff since 2005ish. Started with a bottle of the original Detail Spray and yellow (or were they white?) microfiber towels, then some VRT, then some car wash, Brilliant Spray Glaze, APC, swirl and haze remover, buttery wax, etc. and eventually ended up with basically every product available. I still have a cabinet full of Adam's stuff, new and old. Anybody with Adam's who pulls up my information will see a pretty long order history, so I feel somewhat qualified to address this. What got me interested in the brand originally was the simplicity of the lineup, and Adam. I liked the face of the company and I liked being able to "special order" something better than what could be bought in stores. Seeing Adam's passion for providing simple, quality products and how-to support for those products was all I needed. I understand the expansion of the lineup to include ceramics, accessories, etc. to stay current. I'm not onboard with the "lifestyle" stuff personally. I'd like to see the focus be on a solid lineup without branching off on sub-lines. Keep the products streamlined, current, improve them as needed, and focus on providing training in the form of videos and social media posts on how to use those products. I'd also like to see Adam himself be a little more present. Being busy isn't an excuse. We're all busy. Be the face of the company, cut the cutesie crap, and get back to the products and support being the main focus. I remember placing an order many years ago. Shortly after the order went through, I got an email from the man himself simply thanking me for the repeat business. That email has generated LOTS of repeat business from me over the years. I don't know if I came across the Adam's of today that I would be as impressed or loyal to the brand as the Adam's I discovered almost 15 years ago. I know it doesn't do any good to live in the past or cry over spilt milk, and I don't know the details of the divorce and I doubt we ever will. BUT, I will say the Adam's of a few years ago with Adam and DvK at the helm was the Adam's I felt good about. It was exciting, professional yet casual, and generally in good hands. I'm not saying beg DvK to come back, because comments he's made have made it clear that's not an option, but I would love to see that version of Adam's back.
  4. Original VRT (circa 2005) and original Detail Spray. The polishes smell great, too and I'm a fan of Brilliant Glaze.
  5. There he is!! Thanks for checking in, Adam. Good to hear from you and congratulations on your continued (and well deserved) success.
  6. Been a member and user for a long time but haven't seen a reply from Adam himself in a while. Does he still have a presence on the forum?
  7. I prefer the red, too. Nothing wrong with the blue but I just enjoy using the red more.
  8. I walk out to the garage daily just to smell the bottle. Love it.
  9. People complaining about the % of the discounts of car wax. First world problems. I'd pay full price to use the products and support the company. Thanks for the discounts you do offer, as well as the fast shipping, world class customer service, website, forum, etc. Some of you need to get a grip.
  10. These are by far my favorite wash mitts because they're so easy to care for. I normally just toss mine in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and wash them by themselves. They come out great and seem to be holding up well. For $7 or $8 a piece, I'll get well more than my money's worth out of them and can just order some new ones when these start looking bad.
  11. Customers have been asking for a Bug & Tar for a long time. It must be a difficult product to perfect because it obviously hasn't happened yet. I would have to imagine Adam would sell a ton of the stuff in the summer. Maybe some day.
  12. It's easy to forget that this forum is an absolute luxury. It goes far above and beyond what just about any other detailing company offers. Where else can you get replies from the man himself? There are a few, but they are in the vast minority. Now I will say, it seems like Adam is not on here as much as he used to be which is kind of a shame but I would hope he is spending his time elsewhere... you know, like making sure all the employees can get paid, developing new products, working with other manufacturers, generally guiding the company into the future through a shared vision. All that "bossy" kind of stuff that makes the company tick. To me, Adam's Polishes is a company all about easy to use products that produce exceptional results while offering fantastic customer service and the industry's best guarantee (which I've not used once in 12 years). The forum is secondary and should be treated as such. Just my opinion Also, Dan, I've not spoken with you personally that I can recall but I am very sorry about what has happened. Thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery.
  13. I may be in the minority here but I don't particulary like the Red Bull scent of the new version of Detail Spray. I'd prefer a cherry or even a new color and scent to keep things interesting.
  14. Dylan will be missed and I have nothing but good things to say about him, BUT it did seem like Adam's Polishes had really become Dylan's Polishes. That's not necessarily a bad thing because Dylan clearly helped to lead the company in exciting new directions and the new products are awesome. This departure seems like a good opportunity for Adam's Polishes to go back to its roots under Adam's leadership with an increased visbility of Adam himself while also keeping a keen eye on the future and not becominig obsolete. I loved Adam's stuff before Dylan, during Dylan's tenures, and I'm sure I'll be on board in the future.
  15. I ran out of water trying to use the wet method on my ZL1 as well. Next time, even though it goes against ALL convention, I'm going to skip the hose rinse (sheeting the water off) so I'll have more water left on the car to work with It seems like if it's really hot out, even pulling into the garage will leave me dealing with water spots by the time I get to the last parts of the car. We shall see.
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