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  1. Sometimes when cars are covered for an extended time the paint can look like that especially if there's moisture present, try leaving it uncovered for a week or two
  2. I don't see how you get all this based on a promotion, marketing 101 is to get your name out to as many people as possible. I've been around a while now and have seen how the Adams team works other forums, car shows and various detail clinics and at some point if you want to grow your business you need to reach out to other markets. Sometimes you win and sometimes things don't work out like you want but imho with all the new media out there today you'd be a fool not to use them. Look at the music industry, there is many collaborations between different genres that for some reason work. Also y
  3. I have 2 huskies that shed like you wouldn't believe, even if they haven't been in the SUV in a while I'll still track it in there. I don't know what car you have but all carpet/upholstery aren't created equal, some hold the hair better then other. The best solution I've found is the rubber static type brush, the pumice stone works great also but is harsher on my carpet. If you have this issue often I'd get the rubber brush, if the hair is really bad I'll blow it out as best as I can then brush/vacuum. The best vacuum attachment is the Dyson 4" tool with the revolving brushes.
  4. On white I find it best to use natural light so I'll open the garage doors and look at it from different angles. Start with a small are to get a sense of the flash time and try different light sources before doing the whole car. In natural light looking into the light any leftover residue will look like a dull spot
  5. Pl Premium is the stickiest, nastiest glue known to mankind! I can't help but make sure before you try other steps that you're not responsible. I would say if they're coated leather that the coating has already been compromised and you may get the glue off buy it'll leave a stain type look
  6. vobro

    Need Advice

    I went thru this in 06, I was the 5th house in the subdivision. My best advice is just wait it out, there will be dust,dirt and other airborne particulates until all the grass is in. As far as nails, have a talk with the general contractor and have them control any building debris, I'm a carpenter and this is part of the job these days. When I moved there was no such thing as rinseless wash, not that I probably would use that anyway with all the dirt but it really sucked having heavy dust on the cars at all times. Luckily with it being a new house I kept busy and it took my mind of it. As far
  7. Nice review. That's exactly why one should use the coating,it just makes maintanence so much easier.
  8. I know this isn't what you're asking but to me wiping off the product is really a small fraction of the work, I would use the polisher to apply which would save you a lot of time. Side benefit is your arms and hands will thank you the next day
  9. I lean towards coatings also but there's something to be said for spending some time doing all these steps! Today I did pretty much the same thing to a family members car, cooked some ribs and chicken on the smoker and even caught a few bass! It sure was/is a great day. Nice video
  10. Well if it's not vinyl it would have the be paint,most likely single stage. Do a test spot in an inconspicuous area
  11. Why not just use Car Shampoo? That engine isn't that dirty
  12. As the weather heats up I will dry the car first then blow out the water, this reduces water spots big time for me. Just hold the drying towel 12" in front of where you have the air moving and it'll catch most of the water in the cracks. I only wash in my garage but my water is pretty hard and will leave water spots, the sheeting method really helps also.
  13. I stay with the 1:16, if the panel is dirty I'll just go over the panel again with another clean towel. The towel captures the dirt,which is the goal so that's why I'll go over it multiple times, I use the multiple towel one bucket method
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