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  1. With Recochem acquiring Adam's Polishes and our blending company last year, as well as the recently announced POR-15 partnership, this provides exciting new technologies to not only expand the brand, but to develop and offer new technologies and products, and grow the international audience too since Recochem is a worldwide company. I have not discussed this with anyone yet, but I suspect that we may eventually have category tabs on the website for partner products. They're under New Products right now because they're new, and that is typically the most browsed section of the website. Rest
  2. Hi @chops1sc, with one of the recent updates to the forum in the last few months, you no longer have to use the [img] and [/img] tags before and after the URL, just try pasting the URL into the post and then hit Enter and it should automatically add the picture into the post. I used your URL below for an example: I hope it works out for you. Let us know if you have any other questions!
  3. I agree that I only apply one coat for the Graphene Ceramic Coating. For the non-graphene coatings like UV Paint and UV Wheel Coating, if you do want to apply a second coat, our chemist recommends applying 1-2 hours after finishing the first coat. You could try this with the Graphene Ceramic Coating, but the second coat may not bond as well to itself. I plan to try this soon on a few rear panels on my car that are in need of being compounded, polished, and re-coated since it's been 2 or 3 years now and 30-40k miles of driving in every weather condition in that time frame!
  4. Lots of excellent suggestions here. I don't have much to add other than when you use Graphene Detail Spray, CS3, or H2O Guard & Gloss as a drying aid, you do not need to use a lot of product - 2 or 3 light mists per panel is usually enough to help with wiping away any fresh water spots and leave the finish looking great. If you use too much, you could notice some unwanted streaking and smearing while drying. If there is any sunshine, I move the vehicle into my garage to dry it, but that is not an option for everyone. If you can move the vehicle into the shade like Dave mentioned, even i
  5. You could try 2000 grit. It's fairly tame, especially if you don't use any pressure, but then I would follow up with 2500 and 3000 so that you can remove the sanding scratches more easily. Just make sure to keep the sand paper flat and even and sand in only one direction (left/right or up/down, but not both). Since it's a 2019, there should still be plenty of clear on there. I just recently did paint correction and Graphene Ceramic Coating on two 2020 Tiguans for good friends in a relationship (he was in a very bad wreck and needed a new vehicle since his car was totaled, and she was shopping
  6. This was not intentional is and was accidental. The team is aware of what happened. They recently completed year-end inventory at headquarters, so that is my best guess as to how this machine was placed into the wrong area. These polishers are meant for display at our locations and show events like SEMA. The clear plastic will crack easily, and can melt if used. Thank you Jonathan for your honesty in returning this. The team will make it right with you.
  7. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a salt-based formula, so I would not use it on any leather or synthetic leather surfaces myself. If you did, follow it up with some Leather Conditioner or Interior Detailer as soon as you can.
  8. Hi @EnzianF90 Unfortunately this type of bird dropping looks like it has etched the clear coat to the point that it has fractured the clear, which looks like small cracks and ripples in the clear coat. Bird droppings can be very acidic and can damage a clear coat in as little as a few hours if left on the surface or out in the hot sun. The acidic dropping eats through the clear, and the acid penetrating combined with the heat from the sun causes it to web outward - almost like how you will see a crack in a windshield enlarge and split out in different directions with extreme heat o
  9. All screen names were entered into a spreadsheet and then google chose a random number. The winner of this contest is: @shmedley! I'll send you a PM now ๐Ÿ‘ Thank you everyone for participating, and Happy New Year!
  10. Thanks for joining the forum Justin!
  11. Welcome to the forum! What year S10 do you have?
  12. Bump to remind everyone to post a comment in this thread by midnight tomorrow night to be entered for a chance to win this Graphene Complete Kit:
  13. Hi Alisha, if you're using distilled water it can last longer than that, and yes you could mix into larger batches as long as you keep it in a sealed container and shake it up before each use. 7-10 days with tap water sitting in an open bucket is fairly accurate though. Just like if you leave a bucket in the garage with water, Car Shampoo, and a wet wash pad in the bucket, after a week or two it can start to get smelly and possibly even have mildew build-up depending on temperature and humidity. I've done this on accident before and had to then soak the wash pad in Towel & Pad Revitali
  14. I would try Brilliant Glaze or white Polish by hand applicator first before any kind of machine polishing. That should hopefully remove the water spots without fully compromising the coating, depending on how long the coating has been on the vehicle. Sometimes even just going over the water spots with some Ceramic Spray Coating or Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating if you have either of them might take care of the spots, since there are solvents in the coating - plus you get the added benefit of adding more protection onto the already existing coating ๐Ÿ‘
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