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  1. You will find that you won't need to use a wheel cleaner that often. I ceramic coat my wheels and 95% of the time I use just soap and water. I chemically decon less that a handful of times.
  2. You will get the best results applying it to the painted surface.
  3. As mentioned you could use either one. You could use GDS with your weekly washing and that would be all you need.
  4. Who is saying this? The youtubers with their ridiculous so called torture test. Take them with a grain of salt. Mother nature is the true test.
  5. Everyone likes to use a pressure washer. Sheet rinsing with a hose after the final rinse will leave less water to clean up and less spotting. You could try doing that.
  6. Certain make and models have a tinted clear coat which will transfer onto the pad. As mentioned pads will get dirty from cleaning up the paint.
  7. Maybe my thread will help you as to what to look for when coating white paint. I included a video link that may help.
  8. Thanks Dan for the giveaway. Happy Holidays to you and the rest of the Adams crew.
  9. In that case I agree. You can touch up areas that were missed. Or you can do it as you go. The coating is pretty hard to mess up.
  10. One panel at a time when it comes to the Adams paint coating. You will be asking for trouble of you do the entire car and try to come back and wipe it off. The flash time is going to vary by location, temp and humidity.
  11. I would take any of his so called torture tests with a grain of salt. It is such a narrow window in a products true performance. Mother Nature is the true test. Also he has a habit of not reading or researching the products. Remember he is getting a paycheck from youtube just for the views he gets along with the free products he gets.
  12. Thanks. I am not too worried about it. I don't own any SUV's to use a step stool that often. I also don't detail for a living to need the use of a step stool.
  13. First off this is my uncles 2008 FJ Cruiser TRD Trail Teams Edition. It currently has a 150K miles on it. I polished and coated it 3 years ago. Recently he has been asking me if I had time to polish it again. A few reasons due to it being broken into a couple years ago so the front driver door and the rear door were repainted as the locks were damaged. The trim was looking sad and needed restoration. Toyota used single stage paint for certain white paints for certain vehicles. The paint had oxidized. Keep in mind this was a paint enhancement. I was not going for a fu
  14. Wash them and reuse them. There is not enough to harden within the towel. They will more than likely become hydrophobic over time.
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