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  1. Apply a coating on them and they will look better longer and also much easier to clean.
  2. I found it to do a decent job mimicking the leather scent.
  3. It won't clog the pores if that is your concern. Also you won't need anything else on it like leather conditioner. It will repel it anyway. A simple wipe with any of the interior detailer will be sufficient.
  4. That is correct. The only change is the color. Haven't heard anything about it staining towels.
  5. You could try a polish and see if that helps.
  6. Lol no but there is always hope for you guys. I was referring to hosting one at the Anaheim location since I am close to it.
  7. Here is a thought, would it be possible to have these also at the various location stores?
  8. Welcome to the forum. If you are going to do PPF then polish and have the fil applied. Then you can coat it. At a minimum a polish will be a good idea. You may not need to compound. The test spot will let you know. You will get more gloss and the maximum performance from the coating.
  9. Don't let high spots deter you away from a coating. They are part of the learning curve with coatings.
  10. Technically you can coat without polishing. Boost is also not a requirement but it is 24 hours after the application of the coating. Those smears sounds like high spots. You are going to have to polish those off and reapply. Preferably polishing the entire panel and then reapply. You may want to try adding a little more product onto the applicator to see if you can level out those high spots first. If that does not work you will have to polish. Polishing is recommended after claying as claying will marr (a fancy term for scratch) which is removed by polishing. Not noticeable if you have a white or silver vehicle. You would then follow with the surface prep after polishing to remove any polishing oils. And finally finish it off with the coating. Take a high spot as a lesson learned. Easily fixed.
  11. If you don't find anyone near you then I am willing to help you out. I am not pro detailer in the sense that I don't detail for a living but I will on occasion do a side job. I am in the Lawndale/Torrance area which is about an hour or so away from you. I happen to have a bottle of the graphene coating.
  12. Read 90 days in the facebook group for protection.
  13. Pick up a bottle and try it out. If you like it then you can invest in the gallon. It is going to come down to personal preference. It's cheap enough anyway with the current sale.
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