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  1. It certainly can be done but lot of upkeep once you do it. I have stripped and polished TBSS wheels and they looked great when done but I did not re clear them. Buying replicas from Tony is an easier option.
  2. @luke1333 My 2 cents worth. I have been a fan of Adams for several years. I have NOT been a fan of their protectant products as they never really held up very well in my environment compared to the other cheaper brands. That has changed recently when I tried Adams Graphene ceramic. It is undoubtedly the best product I have ever used. Super slick (unlike their original ceramic) and very durable. I really did not have a ton of it left after doing the white truck in the picture but it was enough. I did have enough remaining to do 1/2 of my wifes hood and testing other pr
  3. I have to say the Graphene Detail Spray is pretty impressive. Pretty sure the gloss is better than anything I have used. I am thinking about coating this vehicle so this picture it was just washed (with APC) and detail sprayed until I decide. Looking forward to playing with it on other vehicles.
  4. So being honest I am a big fan of Adams products but have not had decent longevity with anything they sell. LPS, Patriot, etc. I even had bad results with an Adams ceramic job which in my opinion was caused by improper instructions after a product change in Adams original ceramic. Actually, I was told this by customer service. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Adams protection products and I was led to another brand that was a hybrid ceramic spray wax. Was cheap, easy to apply and in my opinion worked as well as anything Adams I had used. Because of my results with
  5. Dan, I actually ordered more and then cancelled it. I had enough left in bottle to go over the painted surfaces again. It has always been a fear to leave ceramic on too long. But on the second coat I decided I would try a panel and see how it worked. It really took about 8 to 10 minutes before I think it was ready. 70 degrees and I am guessing pretty high humidity in garage. The first time at 4 minutes was basically like wiping oil back off. At 8 to 10 minutes it was more like wiping off old school paste wax. I guess live and learn. Just did not expect it take that long.
  6. Hey Dan, Thanks for response. I ended up waiting 4 minutes per section and then wiping it off. I am seriously concerned that I wiped most of it off. I never really did feel it get that tacky. I used the suede towels (both of them) alternating and flipping and then when done used a single soft to polish it out. I really do not want to do this again for a while. Wondering if I should order another bottle of graphene and do it again and let it sit 5 or 6 or even 7 minutes. The Adams video I was was really not on panel long so I did not want to wait longer. So should I
  7. Another question(s) for those that have used graphene coating. I was expecting more sticky on removal. The stuff is rainbowing but just does not seem to really get that tacky. I expected a little more of a work out. Truck is 70 degrees as its been in a climate controlled garage for 2 days. I have a UV flashlight (non Adams) but it really does not seem to work very well for showing the coating. Maybe because the truck is iridescent pearl?
  8. Thanks Chris That is longer than I expected. In 30 days I should be able to get the ambition to do wheels, running boards and grill. Good chance I will do running boards today anyway. The wheels have another brand of ceramic on them and so I might just clean them and put boost on. Rich
  9. So have my truck prepped and ready for graphene tomorrow. I have not decided if I am going to do the chrome including the wheels yet. Once bottle it open how long is it good for if I get ambitious?
  10. I will definitely try the slick and slide. I mean it is Hawaiian Punch scented. I dont see how a guy could go wrong Honestly, I was almost ready to try coating again until I saw the thread about new truck and the grey trim. Figured I better let you guys workout the bugs!
  11. Thanks for all the good info Dan. As far as my first coating attempt. With all due respect the instructions were either wrong or incomplete. I followed Adams video to a Tee. The instructions at the time backed this up. All I know is within a month the truck would not bead water at all and I was told the formula had changed slightly and the instructions were incorrect and I probably did not leave it on long enough. (per Emery). I was also told this "Was not covered under your normal warranty" What?? Regardless, its water under the bridge to me. I have continued to buy
  12. It must be a characteristic of ceramic because now that Graphene is out they are using the better water spotting abilities of Graphene against ceramic.
  13. Thanks Chris, Graphene sounds like the way to go. I think I will just try it in another brand.
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