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    Like cruising with my wife,vacations and playing with my grandchildren
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    Gardening playing with grandchildren detailing did projects
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  1. Yes he did it was raining but we were under the tents and he had beer on tap we had a great time
  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound Yeah we had no rain here but it was nice seeing you guys again well we know what comes next so have a great year I will keep in touch with the forum
  3. We are here got in a little late the baby didn’t come yet see you in the am set up my tent boy was it hot I saw chairs and tables at Adam’s house but I don’t know if that means anything
  4. Will be there in the afternoon can’t wait
  5. Yes I hope so you just reminded me my Adam’s hand sanitizer 😂
  6. Is there going to be any restrictions at the show with this so call delta variant
  7. I think we are going to have a long extended summer this year so keep saying that it might come true 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  8. See you guys there I will be in my usual spot E35
  9. Just as an update after washing the car with Adams graphene shampoo it’s been beading did not put another coat just washed it it might have been the heavy pollen on it but anyway it’s doi what it’s advertised to do
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