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    Like cruising with my wife,vacations and playing with my grandchildren
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  1. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear how did you like it’s performance
  2. How did you find the graphing shampoo
  3. I was going to do the same thing but had to go and babysit my two grandchildren that Trumps uncovering the vette 😂
  4. Yeah really going to miss the party this year always looking forward to it 🙁
  5. First time in a while I cancelled my trip will hopefully see all you guys next year
  6. I’m planning on it absolutely I will be there 4 days also
  7. Yes definitely hopefully we will get to go to Carlisle this little addition to our growing family between me and my wife we have seven grandchildren I have three granddaughters and now my first grandson and my wife has two granddaughters and one grandson we do a lot of baby sitting but now we just face time we will get through this and get back to normalcy be safe see you soon
  8. Hi rich just be safe hopefully this will all pass just became a grandpa to my first grandson a week ago and saw him briefly so can’t wait for this all to be over
  9. I use Americana wax on top of paint sealant or I use Adams patriot wax or use something with sio2 in it
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