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Adam's Energy Drink

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Everyone loves the smells of the Adam's Products. A lot of people have asked if it's safe to drink the products. I keep having to tell them no. It would be cool to have an Adam's Drink line to go with the detail products! A little something to keep ya going on that latenight detail before the show.




What's your opinion. I think there's a lot of room to go with this and it'd be a great promo to get the word out about Adam's Products.

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Jason (old Adams employee) tried the DS. He said it DOES NOT taste like it smells... lol


Not sure on your idea... It can cost a lot and I imagine liability is high when you are feeding people...



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Wait maybe I just fell off the turnip truck but you're seriously branching out the business to include Adams brand energy drink??


Edit: Apparently I did fall of the turnip truck, because I read your name fast and thought it was "@Adams".


I need sleep. :lolsmack:

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The only time I've had any energy drink is when it was mixed with Jagermeister :D


I agree. For a change try energy dink with doctors cherry or Three Olives Grape with Monster. They are both pretty good. The only other time I drink energy drinks is on my 12 hour drove from PA to WI two to three times a year.

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