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My warm/filtered water set-up


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I actually made this a year ago, but it still works pretty **** good. The water in my area is pretty rough so I needed to get a filtered water set up but I also wanted to have warmer water in the winter as well. So I made this in my cellar:


I brought a hot and cold line down my cellar wall, both line run through individual shut offs, screen strainers and spring loaded checks (you don't want your cold to backfeed into your hot water tank). THis is the hot side:






Both lines drop into a mixing valve, hot on left, cold on right. This is where you can set the water temperature.




The line coming out the bottom of the mixing valve is the tempered water. Now it runs right through a rust/dirt water filter:




From there the water runs through a pressure gauge and thermometer (it has a well). I usually get about 70 pounds of static water pressure and set the temperature from 50 to 70 depending on the outside temperature.




Full shot before it was tied in:





Tie in, with complete bypass:






I just changed the filter today after one year:







Overall I'm pretty happpy with this set-up. Before if I washed a black vehicle the water almost always left some kind of residue, this is my buddys Colorado I detailed last month, came out great:





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