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Adam's Backing Plate



Fedex dropped it off for me today.

It's just a backing plate right?, well not really, this one is very well made, the edge of the plate is soft which will work very well on curved areas.

It really grabs the pad, you have to really pull on it to remove it from the pad, no more flying pads. :banana: my dog loved fetching them :(


There are many backing plates on the market but I highly recommend Adam's plate.

If you don't have one get one ASAP! :thumbsup:


oh, it's very light, which i love but seems it will hold up for many years.

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All of Adams products are great! A friend of mine came by while i was detailing the Black GenCoupe and he saw how great it turned out and now his GF will be placing an order for his B-Day


So true.


I think as I said in another post that people have to see how good the results are with Adam's to see how great they really are.

Gotta love his GF! :thumbsup:

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