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To dusty for WCW...

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Here are some pictures of the Thunderbird after it's bath. 2 bucket wash, foam gun, APW (from last November) dried with DS and a coat of BSG.

Car was born on Oct 18th 1968, making the paint and vinyl top 42.5 years old!!















The Americana beaded so much, the water just wanted to roll off it and made it hard to wash. Windshield cleaned and treated with Adam's sealant. Can't even tell it's there!!!

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What do you call too dusty? I would have liked to see before pics.

Didn't take before pictures, but you could have easily written your name in it. I used to dust it off with a California duster, but it started ruining the paint. When I clayed a year ago last fall, it took three days of claying to get it smooth again.


nice Bird..

Thanks, it's an on going project.


Looks great, hard to believe that's original paint. I mean I believe you but it just looks really good for it's age.

I'm the second owner and it's been garage kept it's entire life!! Warranty cars says Kentucky State Police


I would love to polish that beast... Large flat panels, love it

Me to, but a PC is out of the question at this point in life.

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