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2010 Gen coupe Detail

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Ok, I thought I would do a quick peek of my new baby. I will get more shots and do a full write later.


Detail process:




Rinse (using Glimour Power flow)

Foam (Gilmoar foamer - Adams shampoo)

Two bucket wash with Adam's Grit guard buckets, big and small wash pads

Wheels with diluted APC, Adam's Wheel brush, Rinse, Dry with leaf blower, MSW by hand

SVRT on tires

Rinse car, sheeting method

Blow dry with leaf blower

Dry with Adam's Great white Microfiber drying towel (with DS)

Clayed with Adam's clay and DS

Inspection for swirls (found none of importance)

FMP w/ PC (start on 3, then on 5)

MSW w/ PC (on 3), wait thirty minuted, remove with single soft

Trim with SVRT, in and out on grill

Engine done With in and out and SVRT after light wash with diluted APC. wiped with damp MF




Adam's Leather And interior cleaner

Adma's Leather conditioner

SVRT on seat backs and dash, and door vyinl, leather conditioner on leather inserts

SVRT on door sill platic and door rubber trim

Showroom new on white discoloration on rear panel (not seen when car purchased), followed by



Glass.. clay and ds, then glass cleaner


Final wipe with doublesoft and DS, wait 24 hrs, another wipe with DS and doublesoft


Things to do:

Work on two scratches with focus pads, drill and Adam's products...

Seek advice on two rock chips (used Dr Colochip to protect short term)

Leather repair on driver's side bolster

May replace mats or see how Adam's works on embroidery



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