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Handling the power

71 gto

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About to install these...



supposed to be getting my carbon fiber driveshaft in at the end of the week too. I finally wont be scared to launch my car.


This is for my 2004 GTO, not my 71

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haha thanks...FI is a lot of fun.


I love my new-er GTO, but they really screwed up on a few things on this car and the drivetrain is one for sure...the driveshaft scares me and so do the halfshafts.

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Post up pics of your car!:burnout:

I have been on LS1gto.com since June of 2005 so you have probably seen it on there, but for the rest of the crowd and to refresh your memory...







you should swap to a 6.0 or 6.2

they would be a big drop in power or I would have to spend a ton of money again to bump it back up where I want it. The LS1 is a great motor and with a tvs 1900 on a stock pulley 441/460 is solid. When I pulley swap and change the cam by next summer I should be 500+ which is as far as I want to take the stock block.

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