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I was at the chiropractor yesterday and while waiting picked up the issue of Motor Trend that was there. They had a couple different articles referencing GMs turn around and government involvement in some of the car manufacturers.


Anyways in three different articles they mentioned how they're actually bringing various manufacturing jobs BACK to the US. I was psyched to read that in a day when all our jobs keep going away. Props to whoever, wherever for making this happen.


One mention was the fact that th G8 is coming back but under Chevy and that for some reasons they're not going to keep utilizing the Austrailian Holden plant anymore and will instead bring their manufacturing back to the states.


Now lets hope this trend keeps happening!!:patriot:

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There have been so many rumors about the G8 coming back as a Chevy, but frankly, as much as I'd like that, I won't believe it until I see it. Also as much as I support US manufacturing, I don't think the Holden plant is the problem. I don't see that as taking US jobs the same way as outsourcing things like engine production to Mexico does.

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Yeah, the Holden Caprice is the long wheelbase version of the Commodore (G8) and has actually been available in the middle east for awhile now as a Chevy. The Police Patrol Vehicle is this same LWB version but from what I've heard won't be offered in civilian markets. And though I may be biased, I definitely agree that the G8 was the only thing Pontiac got right for awhile since the original GTOs/Firebirds (newer GTOs aren't bad and I do like them, just doesn't have the complete package that a G8 has in my opinion.)

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With rear drive and a punchy V-8 under the hood, the Pontiac G8 was the first real sport sedan for Pontiac in decades, and we mourned its demise when GM killed off the Excitement Division as part of its post-bankruptcy rationalization. But it appears the G8 will make a comeback -- only this time wearing Chevy badges. Three GM sources have confirmed to Motor Trend the Australian-built sedan will re-appear on the U.S. market as a Chevy in the coming year. And it won't be called Impala. "We have a good name for it," smiled one of the sources.

Bringing back the G8 (the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP is pictured) as a Chevy seemed such a no-brainer -- all the certification and engineering work required to transform the Holden Commodore into a Pontiac had already been paid for by the Old GM -- it's a surprise it's taken so long. Part of the reason for the delay, we understand, is that GM wanted to wait for a mid-cycle facelift on the Holden Commodore to give the car a fresher exterior look.


Cost is a problem. With the Australian dollar now on par with the greenback, shipping cars from Australia is now an expensive proposition. In addition, some minor re-certification work will also likely need to be performed to get the car back to U.S. spec. Because of this, and CAFE requirements, the Chevy sedan will only be available as a V-8, and in relatively limited numbers. Holden has also developed a U.S. market version of its mechanically identical Caprice long wheelbase sedan for police applications, but GM continues to insist that it will be for law enforcement duty only.



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"The Commodore Zeta 1 architecture offers us so much with rear-wheel drive performance," says one of our sources. "The synergy between motor compartment packaging of the Commodore and HSV products versus what we do here with Camaro and Corvette means the opportunities are endless."

GM's decision to bring back the Pontiac G8 as a Chevy is a good-news, bad-news story for its Australian subsidiary, Holden. After decades of ignoring the Australians' engineering efforts, it seems Detroit is about to embrace the Zeta rear drive architecture. But for cost reasons it is likely GM will move further development of the architecture for next-gen Zeta-based cars to Detroit, putting the future of its Australian engineering facility in doubt.


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For every article though you can find another one to contradict it. Yours is dated Nov 2011, here's an article from this May:


General Motors has just announced that production of its next-generation 2014 Chevrolet Impala will be shifted to its Detroit-Hamtramck manufacturing plant. At this plant it will be produced alongside the Chevrolet Volt and Malibu and this decision to move Impala production is an early indication that the Holden Commodore won’t be returning to U.S. shores.


The next American-market Impala will use a stretched version of GM’s Epsilon II platform, with a front-wheel drive layout. While it’s not a popular move with some enthusiasts who want their Chevy large sedan to be rear-wheel powered it lessens the chances of the Commodore ever returning to the U.S., in either sedan, wagon or ute bodystyles.


The main reason is an awareness of fuel economy regulations. GM’s decision to keep almost all of its range front-wheel drive shows that the automaker has a preference for better fuel economy over performance. The front-wheel drive architecture also helps with developing more modern interiors due to the absence of a bulky driveshaft running the length of the car. In simple terms the Commodore just doesn’t fit into GM’s new politically correct range. It was popular in Pontiac G8 form but with the new Malibu owning its spot for now it will have a tough time finding its way back into the lucrative America market.


Naturally, this doesn’t mean the death of the Commodore or its rear-wheel drive Zeta platform. Australia will remain a stronghold for the badge and Holden engineers are hard at work on developing the next-generation ‘VF Commodore’, which is expected to also reach showrooms in 2014.


The Zeta II platform, not in Commodore form, still has a chance in the U.S and may see service as a high-performance Chevy or Cadillac.




So yes, they'll be making the cars here, but it won't be a Commodore.

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