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  1. It's the towns truck at the local show. It won best in class! No idea what products were used but we do have an excellent detail products manufacturer in the area so.......
  2. Now that's a resurrected thread! What kind of DA polisher? What speeds? Got pics?
  3. Never seen a dealer detail a car properly. All they do is add swirls. Don’t blame the product for operator error. Remove the coating and start again. And ask for help when you need it. Lots of folks in here willing to help.
  4. First of all, welcome! You need to go to the Adams videos on coatings and start there. To do coatings correctly takes some study. Pics of the wheels would help. You have no way to get them off the car? Right now it sounds like you just want to clean them. How dirty are they? Is it all brake dust? You might be able to get away with using soap, wheel cleaner, and a pressure washer but even then you won’t get it all. Another question is what are they made of and what kind of finish. Some finishes and chemicals don’t mix.
  5. No recommendations but I’ve learned to wet the concrete with the hose prior to using certain chemicals. Undercarriage Spray and Wheel Cleaner in particular.
  6. I suggest not coating the area where the weights would go. You could use a line of masking tape over that section. That way if the wheels have to be rebalanced down the road you won’t have to remove the coating when weights are moved.
  7. Yup.. and to update this thread, the Unger unit works pretty good and is easily portable. I have since upgraded to the Adams unit.
  8. I like to do wheels and tires the night before the main wash.
  9. I use a Master Blaster, but the principle is the same. And it’s easier to get to the nooks and crannies.
  10. There are many good videos out there, only Adams can be mentioned here. Search around and you’ll find some good instructional ones.
  11. Had this issue with my Master Blaster. It needs a 20 amp circuit. Yours is probably popping the circuit breaker. Don’t know about the specs on the Adams unit.
  12. Can’t wait for the 100th anniversary. Everything 100% off 👍
  13. My suggestion for wheel weights is to not put any coating where the weights go. That would be about a one inch wide strip and wouldn’t be hard to clean. That would make future balancing easier.
  14. Soak the mit with the hose before putting it in the bucket.
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