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Love my foam gun!!



Just got done using it for the first time and all I can say is wow. I may have mixed it a little too weak (didnt measure how much soap, just poured till it looked sufficient) but even so still foamed up the truck well.


Even with it being almost 100 degrees during the wash I could only find 2 areas where the water spotted on me. I forgot how awesome the shampoo is. I remembered while I was drying the truck off how I had to work extra fast to dry it so it wouldnt spot with other soaps I had to use for a little bit. Even after just a simple wash with it my truck looks like it was just waxed it's great. Can't wait to get it buffed next month, and after that NOTHING but adam's products will touch my paint. Thanks again to Eric @ Thompson Racing for selling me a foam gun:thumbsup:

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My Adams Foam Gun is GRRRR8. Yes it makes wahing your ride a lot more fun. I washed my Holden G8GT today and gave it a loving of Americana again today and even in the engine bay.


Also, washed the Beast ( Suburban) and it came out GRRRR8 also. What a monster to wash and detail. But Adams stuff makes it a lot easier.

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