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Summer Detail #2 Dad's 1969 Chevelle Malibu


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So I detailed my dads 69 Chevelle to get it ready for our local Kruise


I used my PC with SHR, FMP, MSW, then i went over it with a hand coat of BW (wanted to go Americana but did not have the funds)

I also used both Metal Polishes on ALL of the chrome and used SVRT on the top. I also used a mixture of SVRT, In&Out, and Detail Spray on the Engine Bay (Sorry i dont have good pics of the engine bay). Also used some In&Out on the plastic part of the grill.






After: Here it is at the Show (sorry did not get the best pics)




Impressed with the results. I really like what the Metal Polish did to the Chrome, and Wheels. Not bad for the bumpers being 42 years old and the wheels being 41 years old. I also really like what the SVRT did to the Vinyl top. My dads plan is to get the bumpers re chromed here next year because they are starting to pit.


The biggest problem with the Adams products is that they make the paint pop and look so shinny that you can now see every single inperfection in the metal body of the car that we were unable to see before. But it still looks really good:banana:

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Great work! I love getting to play on the classic muscle. Makes me feel like I am restoring a piece of history in a really weird way.




I know exactly what you mean.


This time of year I always get bit by the old car bug, I have been shopping around looking for a project car.


a few years ago when I was in college my dad and i were planning on restoring a chevy pickup (49-59), but I worked full time while going to school plus my dad was traveling out of the country so much that plans fell through. Now that Im back in my hometown and my dad is not traveling as much we are starting to look again.

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