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Just stopping by to say hi


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Just posting here to say hi. I've been an Adam's customer for over 5 years, and finally registering here on the forum. Some know me as FP from different car forums; Crossfire, Armada, New Beetle, Air cooled VWs, and Mini Cooper. You need at least three characters here for a forum name, so I'm using Vocho since it's a pet name for Mexican VDUBS, one of my babies.




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Welcome bro, what products have you been using?


I started with Swirl Remover when it was white in color, Adams polish when it was orange, and buttery Wax. Love the Butta :2thumbs: Then I went with the Mahine Polish and Machine Wax. Now I'm using the new color coded products which in some cases they just changed the color for the color matching scheme. I also have used their Glaze, and Americana wax. Love the Detail Spray and VRT. These I buy by the gallon. I usually use most of the swirl, polish and wax with the PC7424. The buffing pads are good, but I prefer the ones Adams sold before that just snapped on and off. The Velcro pads don't seem to stay on well.

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