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First Black car/vert



Going to be doing my buddies S2000 this weekend. its all black. Garage kept and clean, and i think last i saw it , it had minor paint swirls. very small if anything.


Do i even need to bother with the SHR? or should i do a test spot with FMP and see if that clears it up, and if not go to SHR?


Also after doing both or either of those, should you really do the MSW, and let cure, or could i just go to BG and Americana?


this car is also convertible, im assuming the adams shampoo is okay for convertible tops? any good tips on cleaning the vert tops?


i think thats it for now... kinda exciting to do a black car to see its outcome. its deffinitely clean car, but can shine alot more and i wanna show him!

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Guest Jay.B

I've always read on here to start with the least aggressive method first, that being FMP, and then go from there. If it takes away the swirls then continue on with the FMP, if not then step down to SHR. Always test on a small area and achieve the results you want on that area. Then move on to the rest of the vehicle with the same procedure.


As far as the MSS (or MSW), I didn't apply it to mine. I didn't have time for it to cure. I just applied BG and then Americana. If the car is garage kept then you should be fine with Americana if you don't want to apply the MSS.


As for the top, if it's vinyl, then try the shampoo first. If it's still a bit dirty, then you could try some APC diluted with water and a brush. I used a similar cleaner on my top that was vinyl with good results, then follow up with SVRT. If the top is cloth, then I would stick to the shampoo only, but I've never had a convertible with a true cloth top. I'm sure some others on here will add some pointers as well.


Good luck on that black paint - it's tiresome but worth it :2thumbs:

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Ryan, you probably don't have the time get this but Raggtopp makes the best stuff for convertible tops. I don't think they sell it in stores, only online.


As for the MSS or not. I'd skip the MSS and do the BG and 2 coats of Americana, but that's just my person experience dealing with both products.


Look for the worst area and do a 2'x2' test. Start with the FMP and see how it looks first.

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X2 on the Raggtop. I Have a black vert as well. I think that with any other color, especially metallics you can get away with skipping the SHR, but black is a SOB to get perfect. My guess is you will end up doing the SHR. And, you may be able to go directly to the Americana, but I would use the glaze or the MSW before Americana.


BTW, you can get the Raggtopp at your favorite auto-parts store.

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