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Why oh why did I wait so long!


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This is what 25 or so months of no detailing and too few washes gets you...





That is from just 1/4 of the TBSS's roof!! The remaining roof portions were just about as bad and the hood wasn't too pretty either. I haven't had paint like this since I first found out about clay 10+ years ago! At least it only has some minor swirls and 2 or 3 scratches that need fixing.


I am finally able to do some proper work on it. I had been either so busy or lazy from building out the shop that I never took care of the daily like it should have been. Thankfully MSS kept some protection on there all this time!

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Yup, there's the stuff we get from having the vehicle out in the world. After the claying it will be much easier on the next claying which will be sooner than 24 months from what I have read! ;) we have all been there at one point or another.

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Finally done!

Process was: Wash, clay, flex+FMP, PC+MSS, BG & Americana




Back to looking like it should!

There are a few small scratches I found when waxing but considering it is a daily driver and silver I am not going to worry about it. You have to be on your knees and looking up at the right angle to even see them.


Next weekend I hope to tackle the engine bay....it has never been done and is filthy. Will definitely get before/afters on it.


My Adam's shelf/detailing corner of the shop:




I will be reorganizing the shelf and move all the bulk/refills into a storage room I have in the shop to keep them cleaner and then will put the items actually needed in the Adam's bag on a shelf. This will free up a shelf or two for the much needed space to set 'stuff' when working. I will also be replacing the particleboard shelves with hardwood so they will last and not get wood particles in any cloth/applicator set on them.

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