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Happy 4th of july


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At this time i would like to wish all the staff at Adams and all the members of the forum a Happy & Safe 4th of July.:patriot:A special thanks to our Troops here and abroad.:patriot:GOD BLESS AMERICA


:patriot::patriot:2nd that.:patriot::patriot:


Happy 4th to everyone.


I will celebrating in sadness this 4th of July. Our Maintenance CMSgt died on fathers day in Kayaking accident. His son got caught in the rapids and went over a d*amn...he got out of his kayak and grabbed a cargo strap and went in after him. They both passed away. He was one of the greatest leaders, that I, or this country has ever known. RIP Chief.




Sorry to threadjack. I thought it was a fitting topic, and you mentioned troops so it made me think. Everyone be safe, if you are in NORCAL, be safe on the waterways! They are running cold and fast.



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