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I must say things have been going well lately !


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I know i havent been on in awhile i lurk alot more now. :confused: I will first start of by saying i am almost done with my bachlors degree in Criminal Justice. But along with that i recently got accepted into a leadership program for the advance level. So now i will have basically a minor in leadership to go along with the criminal justice degree. And hopefully i will have my internship settled in the next couple weeks stayed tuned to find out. The date to have my degree done will be hopefully sometime in January. Which i would say is not bad for being twenty.


Next, i am picking up more hours at work so that is always good.


Then this past monday i went to look for a cheap car to run back and fourth to work basically a beater car. But well lets say that didnt happen something totally opposite happened.:lol:


The saleman saw my truck and stated how nice it look and asked if i would like to get rid of it. I wasnt in the mood to trade it but i said give me a price just to see what it would be. He said he had a truck there that he started to pay interest on and he wanted to get rid of it. But i had to go to work so i said i will be back down on Friday to see a price. At the end of everything i ended up buying it. He offered me more that what i payed for my old one so it was a know brainer since i already had my old payed off except for a 1000 bucks. after a little negotation. And my payments only went up 20 buck so i was a happy camper. I went from no warrenty to a warrenty along with losing 38,000 miles. And let me say i wouldnt have done it if it wasnt a good deal. So what did i get?



2011 Chevy Silverado Blue Granite Ex-cab

z71 suspsion

Z71 Appearance package.

5.3 6spd transmission




Basically taken the old stuff off my old truck and putting it on the new.

Mudflaps wheel liners etc.


All i want to do is get the windows tinted and a bed liner.



IN the end i love it. I wanted something a little bit sporter for my next vehicle like one of the new chargers. But they are a little out of my league right now and are not pratically for what i use my vehicle for.



Hope your guys like it cant wait to wash it.

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