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A newbie takes the PC by the horns





This weekend I finally moved beyond doing two bucket washes and claying. I've read, lurked and tried to absorb from all of the great instruction here on Adam's and am now here to report on my first attempt at using the PC for scratch and scuff repair.


I had three items to attack:

1) A scuff roughly a foot long on the hood of a 4Runner (from a piece of 1.5" thick styrofoam that launched from the bed of a truck on the highway and bounced over the 4Runner :mad:)

2) A key job on a Kona Blue Mazda6 from the driver's side view mirror all the way to the tail light

3) What I think is a bird dropping on the 4Runners hood


For the scuff on the hood - it didn't feel deep (using the finger nail technique).


Here are the before pics:




I attacked this with the 4" focus pads on the PC. Started with one pass with the SHR and it didn't affect it as much as I would like. So I stepped it up with the SSR. Did two passes with the SSR, one pass with the SHR and one pass with the FMP.


Here is the result:




It isn't 100% gone, but it is 98% gone. To get it 100% I think I might need to do a wet sand but we are quite happy with the result. At least the scuff isn't screaming at you when you walk by anymore, I have to go looking for it using the sun or a bright light to find it. :willy:


Out of time for now. Will share the results of the other two items later.


Thanks to Adam and the team for great products and a great forum for education and learning how to care for our rides!





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