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Great White towel not as soft



I have had it for I think a little over 2 years now. Is it just old and time for a new one, or is there something some of yall might have done to bring the softness back to it? I used a friends a couple months back and as I was drying my truck with it it felt like it was just waxed the towel was so soft. Mine isnt like that anymore haha.

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Boil it in a large pot of water with a few capfuls of vinegar, then send thru your usual wash/dry cycle for microfiber. Should bring it back to life a little, but after 2 years its also possible its just starting to get worn out.


ok ill try that. ive been washing all my stuff with just normal laundry soap (with no fabric softener). im hoping that's been sufficient enough for cleaning them. also ive notcied my blue MF towels have been leaving behind fuzzy's when i use them. can they be boiled as well?

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