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nice garage storage score today


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So my buddy says the gladiator cabinets are on sale at sams club so i decide to take a look. I currently have the 28 inch cabinets with the bottom shelf that you can see in my garage thread. I bought those cabinets off of someone from garagejournal.com for 50 bucks a piece but they retail for at least 120 bucks apiece. So I take a ride to sams club and low and behold they have a two pack of the cabinets along with the the wall mounting slat wall and the end caps and screws. The slat wall is 12 dollars a piece for a four foot section. There was a damaged box original list price 99 bucks got it for 75 dollars here is what they look like.



So my buddy says ill make you a deal he has a portable ac/heater i want for the garage he is asking 150 bucks for it. so he says if you buy me two of the standup cabinets I will pay you the difference so i say ok. We go buy the cabinets and they have the floor model and a damaged box unit. The regular cabinets are 75 a piece so i pay for those and he gets the damaged box unit for 58 bucks and the floor model for 48 bucks. this is the style of cabinet he got.



so it was a good night for tool/adams storage lol

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