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A new believer


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Hi everyone. checking in from Vancouver BC.


Just got my PC and supplies from Adams. Had try try it out before going to bed.


Never used a machine to wax and I can't believe how easy it really is to get a great finish. I tried it on a rear door of my wife's 2004 vibe. Pretty much neglected for the past 7 years. The paint has such a deep colour to it now and the haze it completely gone. Great products and easy to use. I'll post some pics but now want to get the whole car done. :)


Later. Trevor

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Thanks everyone! Been lurking for awhile and reading the tips and watching the vids. I didn't decide to make a purchase until I watched junkman's vids on youtube.


I had a 97 VW GTI but sold it to make space for a larger family. Driving an 11 outlander AWC. Black of course :)


Anyway. Pics coming!

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