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PC polishing pad size question



Can someone please tell me ,What size the foam polishing pads are that come in the P.C polishing pad kit? It does not tell you on the ADAMS website. It only says the backing plate size. What is the ideal size you can use? What is the biggest size that you can use and still have a manageable feel to the polisher? Are there any WAFFLE PADS available?? Thanks for the info in advance! Steve ..... My first ADAMS products arrived , I can't wait to dig in and start polishing!!!:cheers::cheers:

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The PC pads I believe are 6.75". That is the size we offer for the Porter Cable.


We also offer 4" Pads that can fit on either the Porter Cable or Drill. It's not about size as much as it is technique.


Watch the Volume 7 video a few times.



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