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2007 lifted silverado full truck show detail/paint correction



So just to get started, I am getting ready for Carlisle All Truck Nationals this weekend and my schedule for working on the truck is wednesday night and all day thursday. im going to write down my plan and if you can give me your input and/or suggestions that would be great. the red bold parts are questionable areas that i could use the most help towards. using Dylans "This Weekends Project: A Very Abused F350" for reference.



today, tuesday, early wednesday:

-watch adam's polishes video's on detailing to make sure i dont miss any pointers on doing a car show quality job.


Wednesday evening/night:

-GWC/APC on undercarriage/wheels/tires/under the hood

-spray truck down with 50/50 mix of APC and let dry to strip wax/sap/contaminants off and wipe down plastics/rubber with MFT and APC to -remove old VRT

-2 bucket wash

-MFT/DS dry

-clay/DS truck

-2 bucket wash


-maybe 4 inch FMP pad on wheels or just hand applied MSS

-touch up paint on chips etc.

Thursday all day:

-WW wipedown of dust

-Focus pads on scratches green/orange

-porter cable green/orange/white pads over whole truck*first time porter cable use, so will use 1/2 door to monitor progress and figure out what steps will be needed for the whole truck*

-FMP on tint taillights to buff them out after a fresh paint.

-maybe use some SHR on windows to remove scratches

-grey pad with MSS*will not be able to wait full 12-24 hours before wipedown and application of BG and Americana because of time restrictions anyone else do this?*

-clean exhaust tips with fine steel wool/WD 40, APC, 4 inch FMP focus pad, BG, and Americana (dont have Metal Polish 1/2 until this weekend)

-apply SVRT,In&Out, UCS on inner fenders, tires, outside rubber/plastics and in engine bay*anyone put SVRT on their soft tonneau cover without rain problems?*

-Glass Cleaner on windows

-fully clean interior with CUC, SVRT, In&Out

-apply BG and Americana on paint and wheels.

- maybe pull the exhaust, use wire wheel on the air gun to get the corrosion off and paint it(even though its stainless steel). maybe not, i might just get use that steel wool and then metal polish down the road.


Friday morning:

-drive 4 hours to the truck show and when parked use WW on bugs and DS to get the dust off and touch up spots.

-hit up eric at the Adams Polishes tent for many gallons to restock, Adams Bag, bucket, misc towels and some metal polish 1/2.





So here is my plan, i will take before pictures, progress pictures, and finished pictures so this thread will be pretty active during this week.

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think thats what im gona do. saw somewhere on here that 2000-2500 wetsand and the 3 steps of the focus pads on the porter cable should take care of it. i dont think ill need the drill and focus pads.



only real question i have is because i have limited time, should i use the MSS or not since i dont think ill have time to wait 12 hours like recommended. looked around and cant really find anyone saying they have put wax on over MSS under the 12 hour mark, mainly just saying they put wax on the next day.

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Getting to this thread late...nice work Geoff. Next time give me a shout and if I'm around/free I can give ya a hand, and we can but out the flex if needed for a little more speed :)


Have a good time at the show!

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So my dad is still doing the porter cable while I've been putting on bg and americana. Doing all 3 steps at 5000opm got about half the truck to go. Exhaust tips look okay but I really need metal polish to get the scratches out. The 0000 steel wool with wd-40 fmp on the focus pad and then bg and americana.


Here's some more pics. Its with my DROID x so they could be better. Wont get any sun pictures until tomorrow the sun is already over the house and the driveway is shaded

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If you can't wait the full cure time skip the MSS... if it hazes up underneath the wax while its still curing you'll have to strip it and start over.


ok then ill look into what the time is and if i cant give it at least 12 hours, then ill skip that step. thanks for the info dylan. no way to speed the cure time up? lol.


Geoff, I hope you have great weather! Are you entering your truck in the show field?


yeah should be awesome, ill be parking with fullsizechevy, they are over towards the big tree where the hill is.

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^ive been looking at your threads too for some reference, who knew that wanting to get your truck spotless causes so much stress :lol:





only pictures i have of the tails, ill get better ones when i get them mounted on the truck. almost scared to wetsand since ive never done it before but im gona lightly hit them with 2500 and then 3000, then go through the SSR/SHR/FMP on the porter cable. if it doesnt get the swirls out ill use the focus pads on a drill. i just wanna be really careful since the paint is only a week old. should shine right up though with some BG/Americana:




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Eric if your reading this ill show you at the booth tomorrow morning but it looks like the pc did about 85-90% correction. Swirls are gone but some really tiny pits in the front end and some deeper scratches which look minimal are still visible. Probably another ser pass at 6000opm vs. 5000 which we did the whole truck on woulda gotten it 5-10% better. That or just the flex:lol:



Still finishing up. Got the interior done and all that really remains is the tailgate and one bed side for the 3 passes and that in bg and americana then clean residue dust off plastics (which the svrt really helped keep stuff from sticking when I applied it earlier) and use gc on the windows. Been working on this since 8am...hopefully next time we can make a weekend/couple days outta this mainly to break up the time and get to use some mss on the paint not just the wheels

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no pictures because it rained, but heres one someone took of it in the rain. got some polaroids from when it was sunny, but im gona scan them and get them on the pc. bit of SVRT run but there was nothing you could do from the day of downpouring. didnt have enough time to cure on the plastics before it rained. when i put it on, wiped down plastics with APC, put a light coat on, wiped it down with the block and wiped with the edgeless utility towel. just touched it up by wiping the paint down with the single plush, DS, and put the existing SVRT block to smooth out the rain marks and wiped them with the edgless utility towel.




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welp finally finished. 15 hours of detailing really can wear you out:lol:


i think next time when we can break this up into a weekend, we will do a test spot to see what is needed to knock all the swirls out, not just 1 pass with each step. probably coulda used another pass with SSR because some of the deeper scratches are still there.


off to bed and up in like 4 hours to get ready to drive 4 hours. gona be a blast, see you at carlisle!!!

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Awesome bro... i am gonna bring my sunglasses just for your shine lol!


I will pm you my number later today but i am sure i will see you at th fsc crowd


Sent from my VS910 4G using Tapatalk

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decided to use 3000 grit only, came out pretty good! i dressed the lights with BG and Americana, but i think im gona go over them when they are on the truck with the PC to get any spots from holding them and buffing. only picture from tonight, they look pretty good but i was really dark when i got them all on. ill get more pics tomorrow and see if i can post them from my phone throughout the day.



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Can't wait to see it all shined up.

I hate that I am going out of town tonight and Friday so I won't have time to get the Sierra cleaned up for the show.. I will be pressed to getting the SS spoiler on and my front valance that I just painted on Friday night lol

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