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valve covers



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I would use MP on those valve covers. :2thumbs:



Adam's Metal Polish 1 & 2 Combo - 4 oz Bottles


NEW FORMULA!! Adam's Metal Polish 1 & 2 Combo will take your polished aluminum, chrome, stainless, or any other metal trim to never before seen levels of shine


Adam's Metal Polish 1 & 2 Combo is a highly effective 2 step metal polish system.


Price: $19.95 <SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript><!--var VariantMinimumQty_602_705 = 0;var SelectedVariantInventory_602_705 = 999629;function AddToCartForm_602_705_Validator(theForm) { submitonce(theForm); if ((theForm.Quantity.value*1) < 1) { alert("Please specify the quantity you want to add to your cart"); theForm.Quantity.focus(); submitenabled(theForm); return (false); } submitenabled(theForm); return (true); }//--></SCRIPT><FORM id=AddToCartForm_602_705 style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px" name=AddToCartForm_602_705 action=addtocart.aspx?returnurl=showcategory.aspx%3fCategoryID%3d10%26SEName%3dtire-trim-care method=post>AddToCart.gif</FORM>

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