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Regarding wheel wells and road tar.....



In my Mustang's rear wheel wells, there is (was) this thick black stuff that coated only some parts of the wheel well. I always assumed this was some kind of protection or coating or something from Ford, and I always thought it looked awful. Well, yesterday I jacked up my car, took the wheels off to totally detail (wash, clay, FMP, wax) and I noticed how bad this stuff in the wheel wells really looked, so I took a hose, some APC, and a netted sponge and went to work, not really expecting it to come off. Well, it did. A huge amount of the thickest, blackest road tar you have ever seen (only in your nightmares, hopefully) was dipping off of the paint, which I now realize is supposed to be white. Seriously, this stuff was NASTY! I couldn't even get the worst of it off. I spent 3 hours working on the passenger side! When I showed my dad how bad it was he told me that I just removed some kind of protective anti-rust coating and that I was stupid for doing so. However, I am pretty sure it was just road tar because it looked like it was only in the areas that the tire would kick stuff up onto, and because it came off with only APC. Anyways, I was just wanting your thoughts/comments on this. Thanks!

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