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370 z starting to look great!!!



finally started with the pc on the black 370z the dealer destroyed putting on a sealent. i got the hood front and both front fenders polished with the pc... took 16 hours i havent taken a before and after pic but will take one before and after from the doors back. this was my first use of the pc and |I got pretty anal, probably why it took so long but i have looked real hard over every inch i've finished and i cant find a single blemish, i gotta look away ever few seconds the glare off the lights messes up my eyeballs. gre:loser:at products, but it is alot of work but well worth the effort. think i'll get a flex to knock some time off next time, hopefully once i get it done i wont have to go through this again. but it is rewarding. its kind of addicting hunting down and killing those swirls and scratches.

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