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OK did the three step process to my muscle car got all the scratches out of the car and it looks awesome. Drove it today and it got dusty. My question is what is the best way to remove the dust with out scratching it. Keep in mine since the restoration this car has never seen a hose.So do I use detail spray, waterless wash or California duster or something else.:confused::confused:

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Using the California Duster (Wal-Mart - $12-$15), lightly allow the brush to touch the paint, don't allow the full weight of the duster to rest on the paint. Only the tip of the duster hairs should touch the paint. Using Waterless Wash, spray on - then using a waffle weave towel (waterless wash towel), folded into quarters or however you like it, wipe one direction and go to the edge of the panel you're cleaning, flip and wipe again to shine. When using the towel, use the folded edge that doesn't have an opening. I call it the 'close of the fold'.


AJ's video is great. Especially the leaf blower part.

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