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The Ole work truck


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Since there is a car show going on this weekend on the MS gulf coast, and I own/run a side detailing business... I figured I needed a shiny ride!


Gave the swirled up truck a good wash, vac, and polish.

Started with Dawn and apc for tires and wheels

Dry using GWDT

Started the correction: Not too bad but had a few problem areas

Using the flex:

Hit the hard spots with the Green pad SSHR

followed up my a pass with the orange SHR

and Finished up with two passes of FMP


Then the pc added the MSW and waited a day to add a coat of Americana!

here are the results: (photobucket uploads with low quality)














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thats awesome! ive been told by alotta friends and family that i need to start a company after I did their cars. so ive been looking into it hard too, but wanna get some insurance on my side before I throw a wheel on a strangers car. Not gunna lie that shirt and decal are awesome, I have cards and a saved shirt online ready to pull the trigger but the decal is a great idea as well! Silverado is lookin hot, love the stance!

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Thanks everyone!!!!! I thought long and hard about it before I bit the bullet. I still try to keep my clients as close as possible, i.e. friends and family and their close friends.... just to keep the hassle down and so far I stay pretty busy. busy enough I haven't had to do much marketing yet, but I could possibly go full time eventually. Just want to get a feel for about a year of part time and see if it will benefit me!

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