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Car was just repainted



My car was just repainted from some jerk who keyed it :help: and my question is one that is asked fairly often.


When can I start washing?


When can I start claying/polishing?


When can I start waxing?


The shop said 60 days but I'm itching to clean this bad boy off and get my paint looking great :glasses:


I'm fairly certain I can do everything except wax. Just want to confirm those thoughts... thanks!

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It may be in your benefit to follow your shop's advice for warranty purposes.


Generally--I wait the full 90 days before I will lay wax on fresh paint, maybe longer, and for polishing I would wait at least 60.


If you can just bare it, wait the 90 days and then do it. That way, you know that anything you do after that, the paint will be all the way cured.



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also something to consider is yes we are in tx and its warmer here than other areas of the country now, but it is still becoming colder and I believe if you leave it out in the sun a little bit more it will help the paint cure.

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My guy that just repainted mine said i was good to go the next day cause of the type of paint they use and the way they bake it.


I'd be scared to do that personally. If he is willing to repaint your car if you do wax it and it doesn't cure then go for it, personally I would hold off.

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