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New In-Dash DVD Player!!!!


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Finally sold my old ID DVD Player and ordered the new one today!!!!!


Can't wait for it to come its going to look pretty awesome I think!


Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD DVD receiver at Crutchfield.com


I want to have a little *For Fun* Photoshop contest because you can set custom backgrounds on it.


Screen Resolution is WQVGA (480x240)... Just saying in case someone wants to get a head start on it. Who knows maybe I'll like the winner so much I MIGHT throw in some kind of prize :2thumbs:

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A prize you say? For photoshop? Do tell! :D


Any theme in particular you're looking for? Any images you want incorporated??


I like my AV electronics to match my Dash Lights....


The Dash is White/Orange. I'll take a picture in the dark tonight to give a better idea of what colors. I'm not really sure what I am looking for, maybe something Abstract, something to do with Chevy, something to do with Adam's or something with the FD. I really don't know. I say go crazy haha.

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did you hook up your lights yet?


Pics to come.


No I haven't hooked up the lights. I am going to replace a few. Swapping my SoundOff Mini3 LED's for SoundOff Ghost lights.


2 in the Grill 2 in the back window.


Wanna buy my old mini's? :)

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