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Big shout out for Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

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I got some of this to try and get a stubborn stain out of my seat, and I haven't had much luck with that yet... so I am open to any advice in that area..


However! I am an oil painter, thus said.. I have gotten oil paint on and ruined MANY shirts. I always make sure to saturate the wet oil stain with my mom's best secret cleaners and throw it straight into the wash, but to no avail- ever.


Today, after getting oil paint on one of my shirts, (oil paint stains through the shirt, mind you) I figured great... there goes another shirt. After the paint had been settled into my shirt for around an hour, I finally got back to my dorm, where I realized I had my brand new bottle of carpet and upholstery cleaner..


Two sprays on the shirt, a couple rubs later with a MF towel, and I couldn't see any evidence of a stain.. Surely I thought it had just gotten flooded with product so I couldn't see it. But when it dried it was GONE. Completely!


I've yet to find a product that removes oil paint from clothes.. that is some NASTY stuff.. so big :2thumbs: to Adam's!

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Theres a whole unicorn in every bottle. :jester:


I figured..


Any advice on getting what might be glue or adhesive of some type off of black cloth seats?


Last semester I gave a girl a ride back from 3D design class, and when she got out her dress left a white stain on my seat, so I assume its some sort of adhesive she sat in :(. I didn't have any luck with the upholstery cleaner and MF towel..

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Adhesives are a different animal than stains... I know b/c my last job was working with them almost all day at Avery label FRNA. To remove it effectively it would be best to know what it is... if thats not possible try simple things, like ice and heat.


Take an icecube in a bag and rub it on the area. The cold should make the adhesive brittle and you can scrub/pick at it to remove some of it.


Try a hair dryer to heat it and see if you can blot at it to get the softened adhesive to bond to a piece of tape or tac-cloth.

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