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Brake Calipers?


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I almost posted this on a mustang forum but I figure this would be the much better place! I am about to upgrade the front brake calipers/rotors and I am looking for some input on what is the longest lasting finish for the calipers? Powdercoating or painting with the high temp paint are the only options I think but I am open if there are any others. As far as the goodies I am thinking about 13" rotors and I am not sure if I will go with slotted and vented or what exactly. This is the kit I am considering:


1994-04 Mustang SVE 13" Cobra Style Front Brake Kit at LRS - Same Day Shipping!


Any ideas? Looks like cost wise I will be around 500 or so but I am also considering piecing it together myself because my personal tastes is that the red color in that pic together with the 'sve' logo is not something I prefer, and if I am going to spend good money on it I want it to look just as good. This is the option for piecing it together myself:


1994-2004 Mustang Bullitt Front Brake Calipers - Pair - 1994-2004 - Brakes & Calipers - Home for your Ford Mustang


Opinions? Thoughts? :)

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G2 Caliper paint is by far the best of the paint choices out there, given what I have seen from the other 2 or 3 brands.


I believe Powdercoating will probably give you better longevity. Although I have had my caliper paint on for almost 18 mos or more now and it seems to be looking just as newas when I did them!

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Powdercoating would definately be the best choice (also the most expensive), they have high temp coatings as well. Unless you track your vehicle (road course) I doubt you will generate enough heat to fade your colors. So with that said all options are good options for a DD vehicle.


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