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I've missed a few new members....

Team Adam's

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So I wanted to say welcome and thank you for joining our forum! As I'm sure you all know you are all absolutely pricless to us.


With every other team I've been on it's never "treat the customer like you'd want to be treated." It's always "customer service vs. cost for us." To me - being with Adam's isn't a job - it's a team. Adam's first words to me were "treat the masses like you'd want to be treated." That's really stuck with me and the rest of the team and it's how we approach every situation.


The best part of this team is our customer base. It's classy, intelligent, and excited people that love their vehicles like they were a member of their family.


So to you, our recent new members, I say thank you for joining and a bigger THANK YOU for your continued confidence in Adam's Polishes!


Now here is my favorite smily, a dancing banana: :banana:

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