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New muffler


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Swaping out my Dronemaster finally that ive been running about a year now, and cant take it longer. Heres a few pics of the muffler. Truck already has a 3 inch mandrel bent axle back from the muffler back that replaces any stock tapering with that super44 in there now. So im going to be just changing out the mufflers, and leaving everything else.

A vid of what it should sound like.





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I just installed a Borla ProXS 3" SI, 2.5" DO on my Tahoe.


I love the tone of these things.

Ya mines 3 SI SO, love it.

i've got Corsa on my truck. zero drone. nice deep sound when on the throttle. not too loud, not too quiet. i love it.


Ya I wanted the DB black but didnt have the cash flow at the moment. So I spent $115 for the muffler. So far no drone at all, and dont even hear it in the cab but roars outside the truck. I also saw another half a mpg from it so far too, put me up to 18 in mixed mostly city driving. Cant wait to see what itll do on the expressway.

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