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DD car cover



I know I know before anyone says it I know I can introduce swirls by going this way but I will just have to be careful.


What is a good quality car cover for a daily driver?


I have almost given up with this car. The mouse traps seem to be working but he has not jumped up and got grabbed by one yet, even than I do not know if that will teach him.


But at this point I give up, he is putting more scratches in my paint than I can stand to look at. They are all surface but god it bugs the living h*** out of me.


I am currently setting up something to get a clear bra installed on the hood and front bumper.




Which will help A LOT but just in case I want extra protection. But I am at the end of my rope.

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same CC Weathershield HP with lining covered on the inside.


Just be aware that this cover " The Weather shield HP" is very thin and next to impossible to put on and take off using the Junkman method...I tried.


I roll front to windsheild, then i roll back to wind shield and unhook from side mirrors to take off. I put it on the reverse way. Hook on to mirrors then roll front out and then back out. This method seems to work best for me. He is a vid of it in action if you are concerned about weather protection



Any questions please feel free to ask.



California Car Cover has the best fitting, best choices of materials I have found. Call and ask for Brandon, he'll get you the right cover.


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