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Adam's Americana vs Victoria Concours Red


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I've had my Americana for a while and love it, but after reading that Victoria Concours Red is designed for dark colored cars I had to give it a try.


This product requires a hand application and becomes a real pain after the novelty wears off. It also requires about 5 minutes to cure and is a chore to wipe off compared to Americana.


The price is about the same. I paid $60ish for the Victoria on sale for a 12oz tub. I'd gladly trade it for a second tub of Americana if anyone is interested!


I applied two coats of each to a few panels and then decided to finish the car only in Americana. Durability is to be determined, but as Dylan will tell you I'm brutally honest in my reviews whether they're good or bad. Americana is the best carnuba I've tried.




Here are some afters:





I had the chance to lay on the carnubas because I was out there fixing this.





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