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APC is Truly Amazing!



SO today after all the ThanksGiving Hoo HA! I really wanted to Detail a car. Since my Chally is spotless and has been covered to two days no point in cleaning it again.....Soooooooo I called my Brother-in-Law.


He brought over his 2006 GTO, I truly love his car...TOO Loud for my taste. But Nice!


After the washing and claying then revive, then buttery Wax I decided to move to the engine. Mind you he has NEVER cleaned his engine bay, NEVER. He has had the car 6YRS. He doubted that I would be able to clean it...I just smiled. I already cleaned my wifes Engine bay




So I really wanted to show him how good the Adams produtcs are, to really put it over the top I used NOTHING but APC, 2 x 36oz Bottles Later.

this is what I got.


There is no SVRT or IN&Out Spray this is just a rinse right after I let APC soak in for about 2Min then rinse sprayed again, 2min soak. Did that 2 times.



:2thumbs:ADAMS PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:2thumbs:

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