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Winner of multiple car show awards


I started using Adams this year after catching a demonstration at local car show. After the demo I decided to try a couple products to see how well they would work on my cars. To my surprise everything I purchased worked amazingly well. Since then I've started using Adams on all my cars including my Porsches and my brothers Corvette. Now I have almost every product that Adams produces along with the PC, Flex, foam gun and the list goes on. All the products are very easy to use and work great. For car shows I use the Americana wax which leaves fantastic clear shine with tons of depth. Since I started using Adams, my cars have won multiple awards at various shows around Colorado. I have also started detailing my friend’s cars and they are now hooked on Adams as well. I would highly recommend their products for use on any car. Plus they have their own forum to post questions to other Adams users. Great Job Adams! Can’t wait to see what comes out next…


Jim Osgood / Randy Osgood

Loveland, CO





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