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Passion or Insanity?


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Since the holidays are around the corner, I decided to spend a little bit on myself for some early Christmas presents. With that being said, I've been searching around the internet for new products over the past few weeks. After doing some research, I went on to expand my arsenal of detailing products by adding ************************************. :rockon:


If you haven't noticed, its been VERY cold on the east coast these past couple of days (40 degrees to be exact). BUT, my test subject had to be cleaned properly before I went on to try some of these new products! Started off by performing a 2 bucket wash using Adam's Car Wash Shampoo...








After the wash was complete, I pulled the Viper inside the garage to begin the next step which was clay bar. The car was clayed using Adam's Detailing Clay Bar & Detail Spray as a lubricant. Nothing like freezing Detail Spray all over your hands :willy:








Since I didn't have enough patience, I decided to skip over the paint correction stages so I can get straight to the new products (Wash, Clay & Wax is a very common detail for an affordable price). Besides, I have all Winter to mess around with that stuff (Stay tuned for another thread)! ********************* was the chosen one for this step of the detail. Grabbed a foam applicator pad and the rest was history... :thumbsup:






I have to say, the smell of the product isn't the best compared to others, but thats not what matters when it comes to discovering the true shine of ones paint. I am very pleased with *********************. See it for yourself... :glasses:




Thank for looking! Nick @ Synergy Detailing | Facebook

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