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My fisrt machine polish



Yesterday after washing and claying the hood, I did a 2x2 section with the PC and it cleared up Id say about 80% I used the full 3 Polish System. It looked great but not perfect. It took alot of work to get that 2x2 section toi 80% and I just DIDNOT want to do more than one pass to correct the paint especially since I have her entire SUV to do. The PC was pretty dam loud, but very easy for me to control, very little effort to it other than the 9lbs pressure, left to right and up and down.


Enter the Flex, I decide to start from square one I taped up the hood into 3 sections and went to work. I did have alot of dusting or what looked like dried up polish shooting out even though I sprayed it with detail spray in between each section and only added one pea sized drop after the initial 3 drops when starting section one.


Should I skip adding more polish after the inital 3 drops and just give it two sprays of detail spray in between each section?


All in all i have to say the FLEX is one hell of a machine, it however did require some muscle to go where I wanted it to. From time to time it just seemed to want to go off on it own. After the hood was done I used the PC W/Sealant + Gray Pad to seal the hood. The Pics honestly DO NOT do it justice. The hood honestly looks like it did the day i bought the car in 2003. I was very shocked and amazed and what I was able to do with the Flex and the Adams 3 Polish System.


Seeing the pics and reading all the posts about how well the cars came out from other members...well its just NOT the same you having actually done it. I just stared at the hood with a maglite looking at the mirror I just created for at least 5 to 8 Minutes...yes people were staring at me. I still have the rest of her car to do which should give me a lot more practice.


After all was said and done I did notice at least 2 to 3 scratches on the hood that will require some wet sanding as my nail did get caught in them, but thats much much later need to get comfy with machine ppolishing first.


I just wanted to say thanks to the Adams Gang for creating such a SIMPLE and effective way for polishing our cars. I am officially a LIFETIME customer.


Please for give the PICS best I can do with my cell cam.




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