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Light and White - Write up!


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Superleggera, which means "Lightweight" in the English language, is the subtitle of a raging bull on a work out plan. The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggra was introduced in 2007 to compete with the soon to be launched Ferrari F430 Scuderia. When Lamborghini decided it was time to send the Gallardo for a weight reduction, it returned over 100 lbs lighter due to several features throughout the entire vehicle. Features including carbon fiber door panels and carbon fiber transmission tunnel covers were just some of the the many Superleggera upgrades. Losing weight wasn't the only thing Lamborghini had in store for the Gallardo. The Superleggera also returned with a new front bumper and a stylish wing out back to add an aggressive look to the the already sexy body lines the Gallardo displays.


The day started off with a ride down to Martino Auto Concepts (located in Glen Cove, NY) to pick up a few things for Exotic4play. While I was there, it seemed as if every time I went through a door, I opened it up to another Lamborghini (too bad it wasn't a game show!). After chatting with some of the boys while playing with the doors of a Murcielago, I was asked to stick around to perform a mini detail before the Lambo departed MAC to another satisfied client. What did you think I was going to say? :willy:


I called my partner TJ, skipped over "hello" and started the conversation with "How fast can you get to MAC?". Before I knew it, I received a text saying "Doing 90 right now" LOL. When he finally arrived, we got straight to work. The Superleggera wasn't filthy, but a little dusty due to sitting around the shop for a few weeks time while it was under the knife.


We started off with a quick interior wipe down and vacuum before moving onto the exterior using Adam's Waterless Car Wash followed by Adam's Detail Spray around the entire vehicle (including the jambs) to prep it for the following steps...








Once everything was prepped, we were able to spot out a few scuffs that were taken out with Adam's Detailing Clay Bar. The Superleggera was in need for a clay tretament over the entire vehicle, but with the clock ticking away, time was not on our side.








With the client on his way down for the Lambo, we went on to pump out a light coat of Americana from Adam's. After the wax was set, all that was left was the wheels and tires. The wheels were cleaned with Adam's Detailing Spray followed by Adam's VRT for the tires.








While finishing up the final details, the owner of the Superleggera showed up at MAC with a smile from ear to ear. Mike from MWPhoto snapped some pictures of the final product before the Superleggera took off into the night. In conclusion, the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera... Ahh screw it! Simply put, this thing is BAD ***! Enjoy... :rockon:








Thanks for looking! See the entire build on Exotic4play.com My First Lamborghini...2008 White Superlegerra




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