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Removing sealant



A couple of weekends ago I received my Junkmans kit and went through the 3 step PC process followed by the MSS. However, I spent the afternoon on the vehicle and didn't finish until after dark (started waay too late in the day). Since then, I've noticed some swirls and scratches which I missed either due to the poor lighting in my garage, trying to do too much at a time, and simply lack of experience. Additionally, I've received my 4" pad kit, brilliant glaze, and Americana to add to the mix this time.


I've got the day off Friday, and most of the day Saturday to fix those spots and add in the Glaze and Americana. Ideally, I'd like to get the polishing done and the MSS reapplied on Friday and leave the glaze and waxing for Saturday.


Is there anything special that I must do in order to remove the MSS or will the SHR be sufficient for this?


I plan to use the following process (testing first on a 2x2 area of course!)



- Adam's 2 bucket wash and dry

- baggie test and clay if necessary

- 1-2 passes of SHR with the PC (and 4" pads for tight spots)

- 1-2 passes of FMP with the PC (and 4" pads for tight spots)

- Repair some of the road rash on the front bumper and hood with Langka system

- Apply MSS with PC and let sit for 30-45 mins

- Allow MSS to bond and cure overnight

- Glass sealant and interior detailing



- Waterless Wash to remove dust buildup overnight

- 2 coats of Brilliant Glaze

- 2 coats of Americana


Can anyone see and flaws or suggest some changes to my process? I'm all ears!

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A couple of ways you can go about stripping the sealant. They all work, its just a matter of personal preference and what you'll be doing.


1) Dawn - your first wash use Original Dawn dish soap instead of car shampoo. This will strip the surface.


2) APC/Soap Mix - this is my preferred method since it gives me more control over how aggressive the mix is. Mix a few oz's of APC with your Car Wash Shampoo. The slight change in pH is enough to remove sealants and waxes from the car.


3) Isopropyl Alcohol - cheap and can be bought at 70% concentration almost anywhere. Just wipe each panel down (after cleaning of course) using a spray of IPA and a microfiber towel. Not a very efficient way to go, but if you're only going to do certain sections of the car it gives you control over what is stripped and what isn't

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If you are looking to strip the Sealant, add 3oz of Adam's APC into the soap mixture in your buckets. Also, a wipedown using IPA with a clean microfiber towel on each panel will get the rest that the APC didn't.


Does all purpose cleaner go in the rinse bucket as well, or just the shampoo bucket?

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I'll go ahead and try the all purpose cleaner followed by the IPA wipedown.


Would you recommend the IPA wipedown before or after the clay (if it is necessary)


edit: I'd guess after the IPA wipedown to remove sealant on top of any contaminants!

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IPA wipedown will not be necessary afterward clay, simply move on to your correction phase. However, I would suggest an IPA wipedown after FMP to remove any polishing oils and promote greater adhesion of sealant to your paint.


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