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4'' Focus Pad for MSS

2017 Corvette


Does Adams sale a 4'' focus pad for MSS for the PC? I looked on the site and couldnt find them any where. If they dont what pad should i use for smaller areas such as the front bumper and after market spoiler on my 2010 Camaro SS. Thanks for any help.

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We used to offer a gray 4" pad, but people would ask for it to be removed from the kit and the individual pads never sold so we discontinued it.


When applying MSS its just as easy to use a hand applicator for those tight spots versus having to swap backing plates and a pad.


In smaller areas hand application of MSS isn't a problem. Its large, flat panels like hoods and doors where hand application would show problems. I personally like the yellow hex grip for the job, but a microfiber applicator will work as well.


If you don't have either then just taking the gray pad off of your PC and using it as a hand applicator will work too.

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