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Ordering to Canada?



I was just wondering if I wanted to order something off your site and get it shipped to Canada would it be worth it to pay for duties and shipping? How much more would it cost to get it from the website? Or should I go down to my local dealer?

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Our Canadian dealers are great and have a good stock of all our products.


You can't go wrong with them!


Do you mean all of our products, or.. ALL of our products?;);)


I need in and out spray and I can use the "wagon train" to get it here for free.

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Call Dexter or Debra. They distribute to all of Canada. They should have some In and Out Spray left.


Here is their info:

Adam's Canada / Rocky Mountain Classics

Contact: Debra or Dexter

104-109 Bow Meadows Cr.

Canmore, Alberta, T1W2W8

Phone: (403) 678-0243

Fax: (403) 678.5664



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